Correllian Tradition
            United Kingdom

The Correllian Tradition has many members in the 
United  Kingdom.  We have several Temples Shrines Orders and groups for anyone wishing to join the UK membership of the Tradition.  

Listed below are all the Temples, Shrines, Order and groups
Please consider joining the members of Correllian  UK  and
belonging to one of our many groups.

UK Egroup:

Lustration of the Ancestors UK 2008 was held in the Carlton Manor House Carlton Colville Suffolk.

Please go here for photos and information:
Official Site


Temple of Sedna http://templeofsedna.com
Temple Head Rt.Rev. Anna Rowe HPs

Temple of Isis
Temple Head Rt. Rev. Anna Rowe HPs

Temple of
Nephthys http://nephthys.houseofneteru.com
Temple Head Rev. Anna Rowe Hps

Temple of Healing
Temple Head Rev. Anna Rowe HPs

Temple of Living Stones Memorial
Temple Head Rev. Anna Rowe HPs

Temple of the 8 Festivals http://sabbat.templesuk.org
Temple Head Rev. Anna Rowe HPs

Temple of the Moon http://moon.templesuk.org
Temple Head Rev. Anna Rowe HPs

Temple of Serenity
Shrine Head Rev. Silver-Moonblossom HP

Proto Temples

Witan Shrine of Sothistar Animal Shrine http://sothistar.bravehost.com/
Shrine Head Rev. Mehitabel HP

Formal Shrines

Temple of Contemplation http://templesuk.org

Shrine of Reiki Teaching Formal Shrine of the Order of Reiki


Order of Bast:
Order Head Rev. Anna Rowe HPs

Order of Sirius: orderofsirius.houseofneteru.com

Order Head Rev. Anna Rowe HPs

Order of Reiki: http://orderofreiki.org

Order Head Rev. Anna Rowe HPs

Order of Bards:
Order Head Rev. Anna Rowe Hps

Order of Spiritual Advisors: orderofspiritualadvisors.thecraeft.com
Rev. Anna Rowe HPs

Order of the Peony:
Rev. Anna Rowe Hps


Temple of Sedna
The Temple of Sedna is based in Lowestoft, Suffolk, England For information on the Temple of Sedna
please go HERE

The Temple of Sedna takes applications for Outer Court and the Three Degrees of the Correllian Tradition. For application forms please go HERE  
Sedna Temple provides online rituals for all occasions, please contact the Temple for more information

Sedna Temple teaches a number of online course please go HERE for more details

Rev. Anna is Witan Herald  for the Correllian Tradition Head of the Orders of Reiki, Bards, Sirius, Bast, Spiritual Advisors, Peony , and
Co Head of the Order of the Magic Quill and
the Order of Self Empowerment.

Rev. Anna is also Dean of Mentoring International for Witchschool.com


Rev. Anna Rowe Hps
Head of Sedna Temple 
   Rev. Karl
Temple of Sedna's Treasurer

Rev. Mick Battely
Sedna's Chief Rituals Officer
to contact Rev. Mick for info on all rituals please
email: dotnmick@tiscali.co.uk

Temple of Isis
Temple Head Rev. Anna Rowe HPs

The Temple of Isis provides information on all things ancients Egyptian and provides monthly Egyptian
themed rituals lead by Rev. Mehitabel Head of the Animal Shrine of Sothistar [see below}
For information about the Temple of Isis please email: information@

The Temple of Isis teaches a number on  courses for more information please go HERE

Temple of Healing
Temple Head Rev. Anna Rowe HPs
The Temple of Healing provides healing on request through our weekly Healing Rituals in the Temple
Ritual Room.  You are welcome to join us in our weekly Rituals held here:
http://isistemple.co.uk in the
Ritual Room at 9pm GMT/BST and again at 9pm EST

Living Stones Memorial Temple
Temple Head Rev. Anna Rowe HPs
The Memorial Temple provides permanent memorials for our loved ones beyond the veil. We also provide monthly Memorial Rituals in the Temples Ritual room.  For more information and to request a
permanent memorial, memorial ritual or to light a memorial candle please go
here: http://living-stones-memorial.co.uk

Temple of Serenity

The Temple of Serenity is based in County Durham, England and holds many online activities.

For all information on the Temple of Serenity please go HERE

Rev. Silver-Moonblossom is also a Assistant Dean and First  and Second Degree UK Mentor for Witchschool.com


Rev. Silver-Moonblossom, Head
of the Shrine of Serenity



Rev. Mehitabel Keeper of Sothistar Witan Shrine

Rev. Mehitabel is also Rituals Officer for Sedna Temple, Isis Temple and the Healing Temple,  Assistant Dean and First, Second and Third Degree Mentor for Witchschool.com

Animal Shrine of Sothistar

The Witan Shrine of Sothistar is based in the county of Surrey and is dedicated to animals

For more information on the Shrine of Sothistar please go HERE

Rev. Mehitabel also is Co Head of the Shrine of Reiki




Formal Shrine of Folkvang
Distance Shrine of the Temple of Sedna

The Shrine of Folkvang is based in Derby.

Folkvang, a place where troth may be kept with the old Gods, the Aesir and Vanir. But to do this in partnership and Troth with The Correllian Wiccan tradition. 

A place of learning, open to all Correllians who wish to study Heathenry and thereby understand it better.

For information on Folkvang Formal Shrine, please go HERE


Gothi Freyatru Head of Folkvang Shrine 
Freyatru also provides classes on Runes
through the Temple of Sedna