This page is intended to help explain some of the symbols and robes used by the Correllian Tradition. The page is a work in progress, and will be updated with more information and photos on a periodic basis as time permits.

The page has three sections at present: The Stole: Symbols: and Robes.


The principle Correllian vestment is the Stole, a long piece of cloth worn around the neck during ritual. 

The Stole worn by Outer Court Members of the Tradition is green.

The Stole worn by Clerical Dedicants, that is those who are studying to become Priesthood, is white

The Stole worn by the Tradition's Clergy is purple

The Stole worn by Priesthood whose Degree is Honorary is lavender

Here is a Priestess wearing a Stole. This is Rev. Becci Penry, HP. Rev. Becci is a High Priestess and Founding Head of PURE Sanctuary Temple (now Enchanted Realm Temple). She wears many Sigils on her Stole. The Sigils show her initiatory Degrees (on the right side, viewers left side) and the organizations that she belongs to within the Tradition (on the left side, viewers right side). The meanings of many of the Sigils are given below. In addition each Temple has its own Sigil, which you can see on our Temples Page.

To the left is the Correllium, the sigil of the Correllian Tradition as a whole. All Outer Court Members as well as all Clergy are allowed to wear the Correllium as a symbol of their membership in the Tradition. The Correllium goes on the left side of the stole, because it represents something that one belongs to as opposed to something one has done.

As mentioned above, sigils of the Degrees which one has earned go on the right, while sigils of organizations which one belongs to go on the left side of the stole.

The Outer Court Sigil (worn on the
right side of stole)

The First Degree
Sigil (worn on the
right side of stole)

The Second Degree
Sigil (worn on the
right side of stole)


The Third Degree
Sigil (worn on the
right side of stole)

Elder's Sigil
(worn on the right
side of stole)

Temple Head's
Sigil (worn on the
left side of stole, because it signifies membership in the Witan Council)

Order of Heralds and
Artificers Sigil

(worn on the
left side of stole)

Order of Paladins
(worn on the
left side of stole)




Sheer White Tabard

Rev. Terry Power, as Shrine Keeper for Celtic Cross Witan Shrine (now Celtic Cross Temple). Rev. Terry is wearing a sheer white tabard -although it is hard to tell that the fabric is sheer in the photo.

A sheer white tabard is worn by Cadet Priests and Maiden Priestesses, as well as by Witan Shrine Keepers.

This is one of the few tabards among the state robes to allow for a border, partly because of the fragility of the cloth. If you look closely you will see a slender, silver gray border at the edge of Rev. Terry's tabard.

White Tabard

Rev. Yoko Galkan and Rev. Ing Snodgrass wear the white tabard which is worn by Acting Heads of Temples and by Co-Heads of Temples.

An Acting Temple Head is a Temple Head who is not yet fully seated in the Witan -which requires Third Degree status.

Witan Shrines are often started by persons who are not yet Third Degrees but are under the imperium of a Third Degree sponsor. After the Shrine becomes a Temple the Acting Temple Head cannot be fully seated in the Witan until after the Third Degree is earned.

From the inception of a Witan Shrine to full seating in the Witan can sometimes take several years. You can read more about this under STRUCTURE.

Witan Robes

Right: Rev. Don Lewis, First Priest and Chancellor of Tradition, in Witan robes.

The Witan includes all fully seated Temple Heads, as well as the Elders and Officers of the Tradition.

 Rev. Don wears the red tabard of the Third Degree and the black clavis of the Witan, and in his hand he holds the various cords worn at the Witan level.

Rev. Don is not wearing the Second Degree hood (which is often omitted) or the heavy Witan collar shown elsewhere on this page.


On the clavis is Rev. Don's Personal Sigil: this is his vision symbol. The meaning of the vision symbol is individual to the person and is never revealed except to their teacher.

Formerly the Personal Sigil worn on the Clavis was always the person's vision symbol, but today members of the Witan are allowed to design a symbol to represent themselves if they choose.

Although anyone can have a Personal Sigil, only members of the Witan display their Sigil on the Clavis.

You can see a number of the Personal Sigils used by members of the Witan HERE

Elder's And Officer's Robes

Above: Rev. Krystel High-Correll, and another priestess, in an outdoor procession. Lady Krystel, First Priestess (now Emeritus - or Retired) and Matriarchal Head of the Tradition, wears the robes of a Tradition Officer.

Both Lady Krystel and Lady Bitterwind wear the red tabard of the Third Degree, as well as the gray tabard of the Council of Elders, and the purple Clavis of the Tradition's Officers.

Lady Bitterwind wears her personal vision symbol on her clavis just as on the Witan clavis, but Lady Krystel wears the Correllium on her clavis (as does the First Priest) because the First Priesthood are considered to embody the  sanctity of the Tradition and serve as the primary oracular link to Deity and the Ancestors.