Rev. Stephanie Neal, HP

Above: Rev. Stephanie Neal with Arch Priestess Krystel High-Correll.

Rev. Stephanie A. Neal, of Georgia, USA, is a Correllian High Priestess and a fully seated member of the Correllian Witan Council.

Lady Stephanie is the Founder and Head of Sacred Sea Temple, established in Year 6 Aquarius (2006 AD). As such she is responsible for the day to day operations of the Temple and for all of the training conducted through it.

Above: Rev. Stephanie A. Neal

In addition Lady Stephanie is also the Founder of the following:

Hevic Healing, a Spiritual Counseling method.

Pagan Life Coaching Certification Program

  The House of Water within the  Order of World Walkers

  The Temple House system with a Correllian Temple.

Lady Stephanie began her spiritual training in 1562 Pisces (1962 AD) under two Root Women in Hawaii. She became an initiated Sea Priestess in 1568 Pisces (1968 AD) at the age of 18.

She has taught Spiritual Counseling since 1578 Pisces (1978 AD).

In the Fellowship of Isis Lady Stephanie holds the rank of Magi.

Above: Lady Stephanie with Rev. Debbe Tompkins, during the Lustration of the Living
Year 7 Aquarius.

Above: Rev. Steff and husband Rev. Mike during a drumming Circle

Lady Stephanie became an initiated Correllian Priestess in Year 4 Aquarius (2004 AD).

She went on to be initiated as a  High Priestess in Year 7 Aquarius (2007 AD).

Lady Stephanie is a member of the Correllian Witan Council.

She continues intensive advanced training
in the Order of World Walkers under  H. E. the Arch Priestess Lady Krystel.

Lady Stephanie's career has has been varied and distinguished, and has included serving a Teacher, an Outreach Director, and school Principal.

Before coming to Correllianism Lady Stephanie served as the Associate Pastor of two mainstream churches, and also taught in and served as a head of a mainstream Prison Ministry.

Lady Stephanie has also worked as a Designer, Artist, and Spiritual Counselor.

In the mid '80s Lady Stephanie was entered into the "Who's Who of American Business Women". In the early '90s She was named "Teacher of the Year".

Above: The Sigil of Sacred Sea Temple

Above: Rev. Don with members of Sacred Sea Temple, L to R, Samantha, Rev. Michael Barry, Rev. Michael Neal, and Rev. Stephanie Neal,
at the Lustration of the Living, Year 8 Aquarius.



Lady Stephanie's Witan banner
showing her Personal Sigil.
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