Rev. Reanna Marie, HP


Above: Rev. Reanna Marie, HP poses before the ancient
Oak Tree from whose fallen branches many of her wands
and magical objects d'art, have been made.

Rev. Reanna Marie is a Correllian High Priestess and member of the Witan Council as Head of the Temple of the Enchanted Realm/Pure Sanctuary.

Reanna Marie is her full legal name, not a craft name. The name Reanna refers to her mother Anna and carries the meaning of “Another Anna”.

Above: Rev. Reanna at the altar of the 
Mother Temple after her initiation.

Lady Reanna is also a noted artist and producer of jewelry and ritual items including wands, talking sticks, and staves. Lady Reanna is the Co-ordinator of the Order of Muses, was a member of the former Order of Paladins, and has served the Tradition as a Deemstress. Lady Reanna is also a well-known Tarot reader and psychic.

In addition Lady Reanna works as a product developer for Witch School International, creating such popular items as Reanna’s Garden Herbs.

Lady Reanna also normally takes the role of Sonifer –which was created for her- during the Lustration of the Living and occasionally during the Lustration of the Ancestors as well.

Rev. Reanna has been with the Correllian Tradition since Year 2 Aquarius, having come to the Tradition through the Awakenings Bookstore, formerly located in Danville, IL. According to Lady Reanna “I stumbled upon the store, and I met Krystel.”

Attracted by the idea of the Goddess, Reanna began studying with Lady Krystel, and with Lady Becci of Pure Sanctuary Temple. “I was attracted by the open-mindedness” Lady Reanna says “and by the importance of the Goddess. I am a female and the idea of having a female figure to worship really appealed to me. The Goddess did it for me”

Above: Rev. Reanna

On 3 November, Year 4 Aquarius, Rev. Reanna was acclaimed as Acting Head of Pure Sanctuary Temple. In this she succeeded Rev. Kim Reffet, who in turn had succeeded Rev. Becci Penry, who had founded the Temple in May of 1599 Pisces (1999 AD).

Pure Sanctuary began as a Study Group of Lady Krystel’s Dancers of Shakti Temple before becoming an independent group in its own right under Lady Becci.

Left: Arch Priestess Krystel places the tiara of 
Pure Sanctuary Temple upon Rev. Reanna's head, 3 November, Year 4 Aquarius

Arch Priestess Virginia Bitterwind Smith, First Elder of the Correllian Tradition, extended her imperium to Rev. Reanna in order for her to take the role of Acting Temple Head, as she had earlier done for Rev. Kim. Lady Bitterwind has been a member of Pure Sanctuary since its inception and holds the role of Temple Advisor.

Rev. Reanna changed the Temples name to Enchanted Realm and created a new sigil for it.

Right: Arch Priestess Bitterwind, Rev. Kim Reffet, Vicky, and Rev. Reanna Marie (Foreground) show off Rev. Reanna's hand-made quarter candles.


Above: Lady Bitterwind offers the Blessing of the Ancestors at the wedding of Reanna and Bert

On 14 May, Year 5 Aquarius, Rev. Reanna married her long time love Bert. The ceremony was performed under the auspices of Enchanted Realm Temple with Rev. Don Lewis as chief officiant and Arch Priestess Bitterwind and Rev. Kim Reffet taking prominent parts.

Since she was not yet of Third Degree standing, Rev. Reanna could only serve as Acting Head of Enchanted Realm (See Structure). In Year 6 Aquarius Rev. Reanna would appoint Rev. J. M. Highcorrell, HP, as Joint Head of Enchanted Realm Temple. The long-time Chief Priest of Enchanted Realm/PURE Sanctuary, Rev. Jason’s standing as a High Priest, allowed him to be fully seated on the Witan, giving the Temple back the vote it had lost when Lady Becci resigned the Temples leadership.

Since this was the year in which it was expected that the Witan would vote for a new First Priestess, it was considered especially important that this well-established Temple have a vote to cast.

As it happens of course this vote never came to pass –Lady Krystel ended up taking back the office of First Priestess and eventually simply retired from public life rather than from office. However the Temple’s vote turned out to be just as important during the events of the Blood Moon (October, Year 6) when several major Temples were expelled from the Tradition by the Witan Council.

Above: Lady Reanna at the altar during the wedding of Rev. Kim Reffet

By that time however Lady Reanna had attained her own Third Degree status, being initiated on 4 July of Year 6, becoming a fully seated member of the Witan in her own right –though the Joint Heads of course have only one vote on behalf the Temple.

Today Enchanted Realm/Pure Sanctuary Temple enjoys two campuses: Enchanted Realm in the Hoopeston/Rossville area, and Pure Sanctuary in Danville.

Left: Pure Sanctuary acted as Host Temple to the first public Lustration ceremonies. Here we see a Lustration in the Temple room of Pure Sanctuary. Lady Reanna can be seen at center frame standing next to Lady Becci (the red haired lady) as Arch Priestess Krystel invokes the Southern Guardian

Year 9 will be Enchanted Realm/Pure Sanctuary’s tenth anniversary as a Temple of the Correllian Tradition, and Lady Reanna and Lord Jason plan a public celebration to mark the occasion.

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