On 13 March, Year 5 Aquarius, the Tradition introduced a new Temple policy establishing a new step in our Temple making process. Heretofore Witan Shrines and Proto-Temples were considered to be the same thing. Now we have separated these into two separate steps.

Hereafter prospective Temples must spend a minimum of one year as a Witan Shrine, followed by a minimum of one year as a Proto-Temple before becoming eligible to be deemed for full Temple status.

We hope that this will add even greater stability to the Tradition's Temple making process.

Temple of the Ancestors
, Proto-Temple 
Maryland, USA

Charter: 1 May, year 7 Aquarius

Shrine Keeper: Lee D. Fluhr
Under the imperium of Rev. Anna Rowe HP

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Wisdom House Proto-Temple
Maine,  and Altoona, Pennsylvania USA

Recognition: 25 November, year 8 Aquarius

Shrine Keeper: Rev. Ronald A "Liomsa" Latevola HP

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Arcere, Proto-Temple
Massachusetts, USA

Recognition: 25 May, year 12 Aquarius

Shrine Keeper: Rev. Shannon M Couture
Under the imperium of M. Rev. Don Lewis

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Lady of the Circle in the Oaks, Proto-Temple
North Carolina, USA
Distance Shrine of the Church of the Circle in the Oaks Temple

Charter: 15 February, year 13 Aquarius
Formal Shrine Charter: 6 February, year 12 Aquarius

Shrine Keeper: Rev. Charles Chapman HP (Rev. Onyx) 

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Templum Ignis Aeternum, Proto-Temple
Texas, USA

Charter: 7 October, year 13 Aquarius

Shrine Keeper: Rev. Alexandros Armaos HP

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