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Lustration of the Ancestors 2011

To Be Hosted by Fort Worth TX, USA

April 22 - 24 Year 11 Aquarius

Keynote Speaker:

Rev. Donald Lewis,
Chancellor of the Correllian Nativist Tradition


Lecture Speakers:

Rev. Terry Power
of Celtic Cross Temple, Gulfport, FL

Rev. Green Owl
of Trianna Temple, St. Louis, MO

Rev. Peter Hertzberg
of Northern Lakes Temple, Watertown, WI

Rev. Stephanie Neal
of Sacred Sea Temple, GA

Rev. Michael Joffrion
of Sacred Fire Temple, Fort Worth, TX


Admission / Registration:

(Price does not include Room)

 Where: La Quinta Inn & Suites

825 N. Watson Rd. Arlington, TX 76011       PH: 817 640-4142

Daily Room Rate: $90.00 for either

King Standard or Double Queen Standard with a sleeper sofa available.

Reservation Keyword: Lustration 2011

 Platinum Package:

Includes all three days of lectures, festivities, catered meals & access to vendors.

(*Early Registration prior to February 15th /

**Late Registration February 15th or later)

 Gold Package:

$75.00 Saturdayís events only plus catered meals & access to vendors.

 Silver Package:

$50.00 Fridayís events only plus catered meals & access to vendors.

 Bronze Friday or Saturday:

$25.00 Entertainment only per day.

Seating is limited & First Come, First Served.

Public Entry to Vendors:

$7.00 daily.

 For Registration, contact:


Vendor Registration

$100.00* per table for

Friday A.M. thru Sunday P.M.

(*Vendor may have no more than 2 people per table)

 Contact Jessica @ eyeofdivinity@gmail.com

 Correllian Lustration of the Ancestors Ritual will be Sunday

Lustration Flyer
Vendor Flyer

To all Lustration attendees:

First of all I want to thank RR Ed Hubbard for making the suggestion to Lord Don for Sacred Fire Temple to host a Lustration!  If these two men had not been involved there would not have been one. I am saddened that R.R. Ed could not make the trip and can only assumed that he had pressing obligation with other things as well as Lady MaryAnn who also had other obligations, they were missed and hope to see them at the next one. I would have liked to have him as one of our speakers.  R.R. Ed and M.R. Don you have my sincere thanks for your trust in Sacred Fire Temple that we could pull this off.

Next I would like to thank the members of Sacred Fire Temple, Sacred Moon Garden and Cardinal Points for their hard work, dedication and efforts during this event.  Each one of our distant Witan Shrines came to aid us and was in all the way till the end. Rev. Karen Kelly from Sacred Moon Garden and her team; Veronica, Bear, Jamie, Josh helped us tremendously. Ron from Sacred Moon Garden was a fireman in real life and continues to be a life saver!  What could we do without the man, he is the bomb! Rev. Karen, who is always ready to jump in head first without hesitation, our sincere thanks to you and your team at Sacred Moon Garden.

Rev. Trish and Rev. Jeff Worrell from Cardinal Points deserve the same thanks as well, ďJohnny on the spotĒ as they say and they were! Months ahead of this event they were both working hard like everyone else in preparation for this event. Our dear trusted Witan Shrines are pillars of our strength!

From Sacred Fire Temple; Rev. Cat, James who were the backbone of our cook team along with Bear, Cindy dealing with vendors. Rev. Jessica whom put the vendor fair together, watched over it all weekend like a Palace Guard and hardly ever left her post. Brandon, Case, Jeff our personal protection folks, although Lord Don was a little taken back with that and wondered if we had gone mad, I think by the end of the week he rather liked it and will want that again in the future.  Great job under some difficult circumstances and on your feet almost the entire weekend for hours at a time! BRAVO! Gabriel my moving, walking consciousness! LOL! He keeps me on the straight and narrow path and doesnít allow me to stray even when my mind is lost, thank you very much! To Leah, Arsh and Eric for staying at their post for so many hours and doing what they did!  Thank you seems not enough but itís all I have at this moment.

Rev. Green Owl my mentor who I hardly breathe without asking permission! Donít laugh, I am serious!  ;-) I thank her and Ren for being here and working the Lustration.

To my presenters and workshop leaders; Rev. Green Owl, Rev. Peter Hertzberg, Rev. Stephanie Neal, Lord Don, Rev. Terry, and John Smotherman. Great workshops, thank you for accepting the engagement and doing your lecture for us.

To Rev Mike Neal for putting together the Lustration Auction and to all the people who made it so successful this year!

And certainly last but not least, Rev. Peter Hertzberg and his team from Northern Lakes Temple.  Rev. Peter and his team prepared many things for us such as the schedules, helping us move things around, the Lustration ritual books, PowerPoint presentations, moral support, advice from someone who had run one recently and know what not to do and was kind enough to share that with us so that we didnít fall into the same holes. Rev Peter and Northern Lakes Temple members and distant members thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your hard work and friendship!

And truly to all of the attendees without whom this event would not have happened. It was YOU who made this a success by your attendance! Our goal was to treat you right and make sure you had a good time while here and I hope we were successful doing that. Thank you as well and may the Goddess bless you in this coming summer months.

Hopefully I did not leave anyone out, if so, it was not intentional. Our bodies and minds are just getting back to normal after being on so much adrenalin this weekend. However things are slowly getting back where they should be and as the sun sets this Tuesday evening in Texas, I will carry fond memories of this event for many years to come forward.



Rev. Michael Joffrion
Temple Head Sacred Fire Temple
Fort Worth, Texas