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The Correllian Tradition receives a portion (25%) of every Witch School membership purchased through this page. So if you have an interest in Witch School and buy a membership for yourself or someone else through this page, the Correllian Tradition will receive 25% of the purchase price.

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Witch School Memberships
From the Witch School Staff

Why not consider becoming a supporting member at  Because of the support of our paying members, you get a real person answering your emails, checking your membership and making sure everything is working well on the website.  Supporting members help us to do periodic upgrades to the website and insure that the best security is available.  Your continued support allows us to help projects such as Pagan Pride Events, Merchant Programs, and Magick TV.  Magick TV is continually looking for new video material of interest to the entire Pagan Community.

A supporting membership gives you access to all classes available online.  As a basic member, only a certain amount of classes are available to you. You will have access to all the WitchSchool website's services regardless of how many courses or services you may want, now and in the future.  
You have access to your student record and transcript, and access to the Library and all materials there.  You will be able to print out your own certificates of completion for courses and retake classes if necessary to raise your GPA.  You can take 8 classes at one time instead of 5.  You may choose a First Degree Mentor to help you with the degree courses and other classes.  We do also offer special discounts and other offers to supporting members from time to time. 

If you are not already a member at please register now as a basic member to facilitate your membership upgrade.

Lifetime Membership $149.99

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Yearly Membership $29.99

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Paypal payment will appear on buyer account to Don Lewis. Payment is nonrefundable.  A yearly subscription payment will continue until cancelled by the buyer, but may be cancelled at any time prior to annual payment due date.  Lifetime payment will be a one-time payment only.

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