Above: Lady Krystel's name in Correllian lettering. To learn more about the Correllian alphabet, click HERE

Rev. Krystel High-Correll
First Priestess of Tradition
Danville, Illinois, USA


Rev. Krystel High-Correll, First Priestess and Grand Oracle of the Correllian Tradition, shown in the mid to late 1580s Pisces (1980s AD).

Lady Krystel, is the First Priestess of the Correllian Tradition, however she has retired from public life. 

The poem which follows was written in Lady Krystel's honor by Rev. Jaqueline deGraaf on the occasion of Lady Krystel's retirement.

Our First Priestess
(By Jacqueline DeGraaf - 12/13/07)
She has a face with a moonlit glow
and shares her love with all she knows.
She's guided us through the toughest of times
and has greatly enriched our lives.
Her knowledge she shares, with poise and grace.
One would be hard pressed to take her place.
She has given her all, but as time has shown,
there comes a time when we need to step down.
Just as the Crone Goddess fades, we tire as well.
Then comes the time to rest for a spell.
She will be sadly missed in her place on the throne,
but dwells as First Priestess in the hearts of all she has known.
In her retirement, I ask of Goddess above,
May her days now be full of laughter and love.
Of whom do I speak?  Who's tale I do tell?
Our lovely First Priestess, Lady Krystel!!!!

For nearly 30 years Lady Krystel served as First Priestess,  Paramount High Priestess and Joint-Head of the Correllian Tradition, and Chief Priestess of the Correll Mother Temple. Lady Krystel is the hereditary Head of the Correllian lineage, and all living Correllians trace their lineage back through her.

In Year 5 Aquarius (2005 AD) Lady Krystel announced her impending retirement from active service as First Priestess, and actually retired in December of Year 7 Aquarius (2007 AD), just short of the 28th anniversary of her ascension to the office of First Priestess.

Although Lady Krystel has now retired as active First Priestess, the title cannot actually be resigned, therefore Lady Krystel will now be known as First Priestess Emerita.

Although Lady Krystel is the first Matriarchal Head of Tradition ever to step down from active performance of the office, she cited the example of her aunt Blv. LaVeda who stepped down after thirteen years as Regent of the Tradition to allow for Krystel's own ascension.

Above: Lady Krystel's personal sigil.
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The Correllian Witan and High Priesthood
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The Correll Mother Temple is primarily oracular in nature. It's ceremonies are concerned with divination, with the Ancestors, and with maintaining the equilibrium of the Universe and the Spiritual center of the Correllian Tradition.

Lady Krystel is the daughter of the blv. Gloria High Correll, and is Head of the Louisine branch of the High-Correll family. A Correllian Priestess and former First Elder of the Correllian Tradition, the blv. Lady Gloria was also a Spiritualist Minister and a spiritual healer.

Lady Krystel received her Correllian initiation from the blv. LaVeda Lewis-Highcorrell, former Regent of the Correllian Tradition, and by the mid seventies was serving as Maiden Priestess of the Correll Mother Temple, under the blv. Lady LaVedaís imperium.

In 1579 Pisces (1979 AD) Lady Krystel was acclaimed First Priestess and Paramount High Priestess of the Correllian Tradition.

Above Right: Lady Krystel photographed at Mabon of Year 0 Aquarius, in state robes as Head of the Correll Mother Temple. Visible on her stole are the patches for First, Second, Third Degree, and Elder of Tradition. It was at Mabon of Year 2 Aquarius that the Tradition established the office of Chancellor.

Lady Krystel photographed on 7 April, Year 2 Aquarius, the date on which Rev. Becci Penry of PURE Sanctuary Temple was seated on the Witan Council.

Deeply committed to the survival of the Pagan religions, it was by Krystelís direction that the Correllian Tradition began holding public rituals, and began public teaching.

In keeping with these goals, Krystel commissioned the first version of Correllian Wicca lessons in 1581 Pisces (1981 AD).

For many years Lady Krystel presided over a lively open discussion group, which introduced many people to Paganism and psychism for the first time. 

As well as Heading the Correll Mother Temple, Lady Krystel also served as Chief Priestess of the Correllian Temple of the Dancers of Shakti in the '80s and the Temple of the Clear Water in the '90s.

A highly skilled clairvoyant and spiritual healer, Lady Krystel has worked as a psychic reader and teacher for many years.

Lady Krystel is a published poet and an accomplished watercolorist.

Lady Krystel has two grown sons, Shadrack Sebastian and Sean Edward, and two grandsons: Ryan, born on Samhain, and Sean, born on New Year's Day 01 Aquarius (2001 AD).

Right: Lady Krystel with First Priest Rev. Don Lewis-Highcorrell, in Witan robes

Though not commonly used, Lady Krystel's full formal titulary is as follows:

Her Eminence the Most Reverend Krystel Neuman Highcorrell, First Priestess and Paramount High Priestess of the Correllian Tradition, Witch Queen, Elder and Arch Priestess, High Priestess and former Head of the Correll Mother Temple and the Temple of the Dancers of Shakti, Grand Deemstress and Grand Mistress of the Order of World Walkers, former Grand Mistress of the Order of Deemsters and the Order of Web Weavers, Retired.