Chicago Illinois, USA

Temple Officers:                                                    
Joint Heads of Temple:                                          
Rev. Don Lewis, Rev. Traci Logan-Wood          
Director of Temple: Rev. Ed Hubbard               

This page has been constructed to serve as  a brief introduction to Holy City Temple. At the moment the page is mainly a scrapbook of some of our past and present adventures, and a bit about our history. More features may be added in the future.

We hope you enjoy our page!

Holy City Temple is the second oldest Correllian Temple in continuous operation, after the Correll Mother Temple itself.

Holy City Temple was founded at Samhain of 1591 Pisces (1991 AD). At that time it was called the Church of Gaia.

The Church of Gaia was originally joint project of the Correllian Tradition and the Newcastle Society, whose principle purpose was education and teaching. The Church of Gaia hoped to find new and more effective ways of overcoming society's misconceptions about Pagan religion.

The great altar of Holy City Temple
The image of Gaia (the Willendorf) Patron Goddess of the Temple, can be seen at the center, flanked by Isis and Hathor. Above is our ritual mirror, and at left our framed incorporation papers. This is how the altar looked at our Kedzie Avenue location.

We have had a number of different locations over the years, from a humble store-front to a six room office in a bank building. At Kedzie the Temple maintained a gift shop specializing in candles and incenses.

Called the "Earthshine" the Holy City Logo was designed by Rev. Ed Hubbard to represent the awakened and empowered Earth.
The Church of Gaia used a number of tools to further its goal of public education, including open classes, discussion groups, and craft and psychic fairs. The Temple also held public rituals, including the Ride the Dragon ritual held on the Harmonic Convergence of 11 January 1592 Pisces (1992 AD), and a series of rituals celebrating rebirth and transformation at the Avalon night club.
The Church of Gaia met considerable opposition from some of the Gardnerian and Alexandrian Clergy in the city of Chicago, who preferred for the city's Wiccan community to remain small and secretive, as well as from within its own ranks: the Temple's original Chief Priestess used her position to intrigue with hostile forces outside the Temple, sow dissent between the members, and ultimately attack the Tradition leadership itself: this led to her being the first person ever to be thrown out of the Correllian Priesthood.

But Correllian Temples are not so easily overcome. We are a stubborn and practical Tradition, secure in ourselves and not dependant upon outside approval nor easily vulnerable even to attack from within. Though the Church of Gaia creaked a bit under the pressure, it was only made stronger by these attacks.

The flier for the Ride the Dragon ritual, showing the World Soul caught between the forces of the Age of Pisces and the dawning Age of Aquarius. The Ride the Dragon ritual was timed to a Harmonic Convergence, 11 January '92, and was meant to help guide the energies of the changing Age in a positive direction.

After surviving this initial betrayal, the Temple reorganized along purely Correllian lines, with Rev. Traci Logan-Wood becoming first Maiden Priestess, then Chief Priestess.

Lady Traci's dedication, hard work, and loyalty were integral to the Temples survival and ultimate success. In 1599 Pisces (1999 AD) Lady Traci was made Co-Head of Temple, and at Ostara of Year 2 Aquarius (2002 AD) she was made Joint-Head of Temple -a rare honor- as well as being named to the Correllian Council of Elders.

Rev. Traci Logan Wood and Rev. Don Lewis, shown in 1598 Pisces (1998 AD)

Holy City Temple has graduated a number of Clergy over the years. It was also at holy City that the formal Correllian First degree Lessons were developed.

Holy City Clergy graduates include Lady Traci who received her First Degree on 11 November 1591 Pisces (1991 AD), her Second Degree on 11 November 1597 Pisces (1997 AD), Third Degree Postulancy in 1599 Pisces (1999 AD), and an Honorary Third Degree in Year 2 Aquarius (2002 AD). Lady Traci's full Third Degree was delayed by an extended period of mourning but is expected soon.

Rev. Chuck Wood known as Cweord (pronounced as "Sword"), received his First Degree on 11 November of 1599 Pisces (1999 AD).

And Rev. Jayne Ruiz received her First Degree at Lammas of Year 1 Aquarius. 

It has been our custom to accept Dedications at various times of year, but to hold initiations always on 11 November. An exception was made to this policy for Rev. Jayne because her initiation had been delayed because lady Traci was observing her mourning at the normal initiatory time. 

Rev. Jayne Ruiz made her Dedication on 19 February of 1599 Pisces (1999 AD) and had her First Degree initiation at Lammas of the Year 1 Aquarius (2001 AD). 

This photo (right) shows Jayne and her husband at the feast following the First Degree initiation.

L to R: Rev. Ed Hubbard, Rev. Traci Logan-Wood, Rev. Don Lewis, 
Sherry Hubbard, Kris Hubbard, and Rev. Chuck Cweord Wood. 
Some Photos From Past Temple Events:

Below are photos from past events at Holy City Temple as well as some photos from related events, such as Rev. Don's 20th Anniversary party, and community events we have taken part in such as the Fellowship of Isis Chicago Annual Convention.

Left: The Most Reverend Hon. Olivia Robertson, Arch Priestess and Chancellor of the Fellowship of Isis, attends a Full Moon ceremony held in her honor at Holy City Temple in October of 1598 Pisces (1998 AD). Lady Olivia is shown with Michelle Farrington, who attended the Temple regularly at the time.

The photo of the Holy City Great Altar seen above on this page was taken on this same occasion.
The Most Reverend Hon. Olivia Robertson shown with Rev. Don Lewis and Rev. Traci Wood at the Fellowship of Isis Chicago 4th Annual Convention, 1598 Pisces (1998 AD). That year Lady Traci took on the role of Persephone in the annual Mystery Play. Rev. Don has been in the Mystery Play most years, and often been a presenter at the Convention.

At  our Samhain ritual in 1598 Pisces (1998 AD) we were joined by Lady Ruthann of the Correllian Temple of Akasha and a number of Akasha's members. Here is a photo Lady Traci took of some of the members of both Temples together in the vestibule after the ceremony.

Left: Ashley Thomson, Rev. Bill Erbacher, Lady Ruthann, all of Akasha: Right: Dale Hubbard, Joyce Fry, and Ed Hubbard.

Sherry Hubbard, Rev. Ed Hubbard's daughter, made her Dedication on 1 January of 1599 Pisces (1999 AD) -it was considered auspicious that she should do this at the very beginning of the last year of the old Age. Sherry was 12 years old at the time.

The photo at right shows some of the guests present for the occasion.

Both Lady Traci and Sherry are considered Heiresses of the Mabelline House of the High-Correll family.

L to R (back) Sherry Hubbard, her mother Kris Hubbard, Rev. Don, Ed Hubbard, Lady Victoria of the Temple of Sancta Sophia, (front) Lady Traci, and Chris Crosby. Lady Victoria and Lady Chris are respected elders of the Chicago community, as well as Honorary Priestesses of Holy City.
On 22 January of 1599 Pisces (1999 AD) Lady Traci held a surprise party to celebrate Don's 20th year as a Third Degree High Priest. It was a great time. 

The right is a photo of showing some of the guests:

Above L to R: Rt. Rev. Deena Butta Arch Priestess, Fellowship of Isis, Lady Victoria of Sancta Sophia, Lady Traci and Rev. Don, and Lady Donna of the Temple of the Sacred Stones, Gardnerian doyenne of the Chicago area.

Here is another shot of the Holy City Great Altar showing the medallion Rev. Don was given for his Third Degree initiation in 1579 Pisces (1979 AD) as well as his crystal wand and his Athame which was given to him by his father John Lewis, a Ceremonial, and which before that had belonged to his uncle Edward Aijala (actually a close cousin). Note that the Athame has a red handle: they do not have to be black (depending upon ones Tradition).
At Bealteine of Year 2 Aquarius Sherry and Cweord were selected May Queen and King.

This is Sherry's second time as May Queen, having been May Queen at the AHAIC Bealteine when she was just seven years old. 

The Holy City May Pole may be seen at center, wrapped in ribbon after the May dance. The Pole was made by Cweord and has been used in many Bealteine and Midsummer rituals over the years.

Maggie De La Llatta Hernandez has been a regular attendee of Holy City Temple for many years. Here Maggie is seen at the feast following the Midsummer ceremony of Year 2 Aquarius.
Artist David Rogers was a regular Temple attendee until leaving the Chicago area in Spring of Year 2 Aquarius. Before leaving David gifted the Temple with two of his paintings. Here he is seen with one of them, a version of the Magician card from the Tarot deck. We first met David at the International Tarot Congress in 1597 Pisces (1997 AD) where he was exhibiting a full set of Major Arcana cards.

The Beloved Victoria Carlson, Our Lady of the Temple of Sancta Sophia, was a regular attendee of Holy City Temple, as well as an Honorary Priestess of the Temple. One of Chicago's most respected Elders, Lady Victoria passed from this world on Friday 6 December, Year 2 Aquarius (2002 AD), after a long illness. 

Lady Victoria was dearly loved by all who knew her, and will be greatly missed.

At right Lady Victoria is seen in happier times, attending the Full Moon held by Holy City to honor Olivia Robertson in October of 1598 Pisces (1998 AD)

Blv. Lady Vicky

This photo of Cweord might be said to sum up the Holy City spirit: a little old, a little new, traditional but modern, capable of moving very fast, and not at all bothered by how the wind may blow.