"Faces of Correllianism" is a place where Correllians can send photos of themselves, their altars, their pets, as well as artwork, autobiographies, descriptions of events and projects, essays and poetry to share with all Correllians.

Through "Faces of Correllianism" we hope to show what a strong, diverse, and positive community we are.

If you would like to have your photo, writing, or artwork included, please email it to me at DonLewisHP@aol.com together with your authorization to use it at www.correllian.com. You will of course retain any copyright. Please do not send us anything that is copyrighted to anyone other than yourself, unless you include their permission.

I think that this will be a most exciting project that will help us all feel closer together.

  There are more photos and essays almost every day, so check back often!!!

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Rev. Aisha

"Merry meet everyone! My name is Aisha (Idaline Carthaysius). I am a proud First Degree Priestress of the Correllian Tradition! I am the Temple Herald/Admin/Elder of the Archaic Temple of Arcere.

Now for a little about me!

 I was born in a Pagan household. My mother was very Eclectic in her ways and it definitely rubbed off on me. I would tell her things I can see that seemed not normal. She told me I was gifted and was supportive. When I was finally old enough to practice and understand paganism and witchcraft, she took me under her wing as an apprentice. I believe I was around 6 years of age. My mother considered me a very old soul and she knew I was ready. She and my father has passed to the Realm sadly. They are now my Ancestors. I have been Pagan now for 25 years. But knowledge is a bottomless pit. There is still so much to learn!

Above Rev. Aisha

I am happily married. We are our everything! He is my best friend. There are no other words to describe our love. All I can say is that it is unique. I also have 2 beautiful cats, Samus and Nelly. Nelly is my familiar. She was named after my mother.

Above Rev. Aisha's altar

I also work full time as a Server in an Senior living that specializes in Alzheimer's. I have my heart on my sleeve everyday. I love my residents dearly. My job gives them a restaurant type atmosphere. I am a waitress and I enable my residents to Dine with Dignity. It has been the best job I have ever had and I hope to be there for a long time. My long life goal is to own a store where I sell all my homemade items as well as knitted items.

I am also a cosplayer, an avid crafter/knitter, model, bilingual (spanish), a gamer, geek, YouTuber, Zumba addict, and I love coffee! I go to conventions 5-6 times a year in cosplay. I am well known for my Storm cosplay from the X-Men 90's Animated Cartoon. Because who doesn't like to dress up like a Pagan Weather Goddess? I know I do!

I have a lot of hobbies. It keeps me busy! I knit quite a bit. I am self taught. I also record videos for fun. I love recording memories and looking back at them. I have a Channel that is all about my life and a Pagan channel.

 Fitness has been a part of my life for 3 years. I lost 90 pounds and I am so close to my goal! I am taking it slow. Slow and steady wins the race!

Thank you for reading about my rollercoster-y type life!

Blessed be!"

Above: Rev. Avee

Rev. Avee
" Hi, I'm Rev. Avee, some know me by Viatrix Sage.  I am First Degree Clergy, and moving towards 2nd and 3rd degree.

 I began my journey with Rev. Karen Silva, at Shrine of the Universal Dance, and continue to study with her.  I am pretty active in the community.

 I now have my Personal Shrine (2015) Shrine of the Mystical Stag and host rituals in Northwest CT., Litchfield County. 

You can find me on Facebook under AVee Barron, A Witches Journey or Shrine of the Mystical Stag. I've a website that I hope to fill as my journey continues  http://shrineofthemystica.wix.com/mysticalstag 

Hopefully, I will get to meet many of you in my travels.


Rev. Shannon (Sinn)

Merry Meet! My name is Shannon (small, wise one), My magickal name (Sinnan, shortened to Sinn) is the Gaelic Spelling of my own name, after the river Shannon in Ireland, which represents the Goddess Sinann.

In Old High German it means "1. to journey, spend time, sojourn 2. to heed, care for, mind, 3. to meditate over, care about, think upon, consider. 4. to desire, to demand, to strive, to go." The gifts given to me by my Goddess include weather magick and soul (personality) reading. My interests are in astrology, dream interpretation, left hand and eastern philosophies and learning all there is to know, at every angle, on every plane.

I have been Pagan for close to 20 yrs now. Discovered the Correllian Tradition in '09, I had been solitary (technically still am) for 15 years when I joined the site. I received my First Degree clergy initiation in Feb 2012, My Correllian Shaman initiation March 2013. I'm currently a mentor for First Degree and as soon as I get my final project in for Second Degree I hope to be a mentor for Second as well. I dont exclusively call myself Wiccan, but identify myself instead as Correllian Nativist, or Eclectic Pagan because the general Wiccan philosophy of, "one ring (read:rule) to rule them all!" doesnt exactly fit well with me. Here is what Lord Don writes in the FD intro about it:


Above: Rev. Shannon

"In my writings I have always treated the term “Wicca” as synonymous with the word “Witchcraft”, because this is what I was taught, and has been common practice for many in the USA especially during the period when I was learning. Many people now use a much more limited definition of “Wicca”, confining the term to the Gardnero-Alexandrian Traditions: it is important to realize that this is not how the word “Wicca” is being used in these writings. The Correllian Tradition considers itself to be “Nativist” – a word roughly synonymous with “Pagan”. In 1579 Pisces (1979 AD) the Elders of the Tradition decided that it was a form of “Wicca” using the term as synonymous with “Witchcraft” as described above. The wisdom of this decision is now questionable, and certainly has been subject to a great deal of criticism by people who note the great deal of difference between Correllianism and Gardnero-Alexandrian Wicca." So it is my preference to leave the term Wicca out, so as not to confuse anyone.

I'm also a Witan Shrine keeper. Archaic Temple Arcere has been open, active online for over a year now, and chartered for over a year as well. Im hoping to have it be Deemed a Proto-Temple in the next Lustration if the Tradition thinks it worthy.


Above: Rev. Sinn's altar

I also am a Reiki Master Teacher, starting with the Usui practice (RMT earned Dec 2011, credited to my Correllian Reiki teacher, Nadine). Since then, I have gained over 30 different styles of Reiki attunements. My Universal Goddess is Hecate, my personal Goddess being her Egyptian counterpart Heket, and cosort to her is my personal God Khnum.

My personal philosophy is "never stop learning", and a when feeling a little more cheeky I usually say my philosophy is "where theres a Will theres a ME" (being an Aries I have Will, beyond Will lol). I am a stay-at-home-mom, with dreams to start an Occult store of Pagan homemeade items and craft supplies, to which also has room for inclusion of Reiki/Shamanic healings. During my off time (if I can find a minute) I create wands, candles, clay occult figurines, wire jewelry and draw. Okay well thank you for reading to this point lol, I hope to get to know everyone better now that you know (almost) everything about me!  

~Priestess Sinn~

Reverend Chuck Chapman HP

Above: Rev. Chuck Chapman

I am the Station Manager for International Pagan Radio, which is a 24/7 streaming internet station that brings the world music and shows from a pagan perspective.

You can find out more about IPR at www.internationalpaganradio.com.

Rev. Chuck Chapman, HP
(Rev. Onyx)

Hail and Well Met!
I am Rev. Chuck Chapman HP (Rev. Onyx HP). I am the Chief Priest for Lady of the Circle in the Oaks.
We hold public rituals/events for all of the eight Sabbats, as well as other public events throughout the year including an annual "Pagan Potluck Picnic" which we host near Samhain at a local public park.

We also hold private Esbats and classes for our members.

You can find more information about LCO at www.ladyofthecircle.org

I am a member of the Correllian High Priesthood as well as a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher. I am the Head of the Order of Voices on the Crystal Wind; which is a Correllian Order for those involved in broadcasting. I am a member of the Correllian Order of Reiki and the Correllian Order of Spiritual Advisors. I am also highly involved with the Correllian Military Department.

I am involved in many projects including a YouTube channel, a WordPress blog, CNN iReport, and several others.

Lady of the Circle in the Oaks has been featured in a local paper and is listed among other religious organizations at the Religions in North Carolina database. I contribute periodically to the Religions in North Carolina database at Duke University. This database is used for teaching theology students at Duke and Chapel Hill.

I am a mentor for all three Correllian Clergy degree tracks at Witch School International. My interests include (but are not limited to) philosophy, the QBL, psychology, writing, ceremonial magic, and psychosynthesis. If you are interested, you may also find me on Facebook as Chuck Chapman. There is a public figure page for me, as well as pages and groups for Lady of the Circle in the Oaks and Raven’s Nest Media (which is a one-stop shop for all my media adventures). You may also check out www.revonyx.com to find out more about me.

"One starfish at a time, until the hundredth monkey."
In all things, may you blessed be!

Rev. Ed Carr, Jr.

Greetings, My name is Ed, I am a First Degree clergy member, currently working on my Second Degree and serving as Witch School Mentor and as a General Mentor. I also have my own Formal Shrine, Spiritual Wolf, which was chartered back in January 2012 (Year 12 Aquarius). I have been involved with Wicca for several years before finding a home at Witch School.

A little more about me, I am married, 16 years now and we reside in a small, though growing town in Texas. I enjoy reading, camping, fishing, and just being outdoors. I have an interest in all things magical, my other interest are runes, tarot cards and magic mirrors (scrying).

Look forward to working more with the Correllian Tradition.

Blessed Be,
Rev. Ed Carr, Jr.
Rev Ed Carr, Jr.

Above: Rev. Ed Carr, Jr.

Rev. Faemore Lorei

Gentle greetings everybody. I am Rev. Faemore Lorei, an initiated priestess of the Correllian Nativist Tradition, and Shrine Head of its Barbados-based Formal Shrine, Altar of the Arcane Song. I received my initiation on Wednesday the 29th of June, in the year 9 Aquarius. I have been studying Wicca for over ten years now, since the 22nd of August, in the year 1 Aquarius. What drew me to this spiritual path is love - love of nature and earth, of magick and myth, and of life in all of its wondrous expressions and manifestations. It is home.
Above: Faemore Lorei, initiated priestess of the Correllian Nativist Tradition and Shrine Head of the Altar of the Arcane Song.

When I was first and formally introduced to Wicca through a book about magickal philosophy lent to me by my devout Christian stepmother to read during her Wednesday prayer meet so that my wandering mind would be better engaged, that was the feeling I found - home. It is a feeling that has remained with me throughout the years. It has been home ever since. I work exclusively with the Slavic Pantheon, namely Mati Syra Zemlya, the Moist Mother Earth, Lesovik or Leshey, the male woodland spirit, and Baba Yaga, the Bone Crone Mother and Arch-Patroness Deity of my soul. My totem animals and spirit guides are Owl, Wolf and Dragonfly. 

Yuletide Altar: My Yuletide Altar at my home, Elphame on Earth, just before my Oracular Divination Ritual for Wealth Transformation, December 11 Aquarius.

My Formal Shrine, Altar of the Arcane Song received its official charter from the Correllian Nativist Tradition on Sunday, the 13th of March, in the year 11 Aquarius. We are based in Barbados and fall under the imperium of the Celtic Cross Temple headed by the illustrious Terry Power, which in turn falls under the imperium the Correllian Church. The pantheon of the Shrine are our very own personal Ennead, Company of Nine. They are Blodeuwedd, Arianrhod, Danu, Cailleach, Sedna, Native American Grandmother Spider, The Green Knight, Lugh and the Dagda. The Totem of the Shrine is Frog, and the Shrine Fruit are Apples and Carambola. We specialise in Devotional Song.

Our Shrine's blog is 
where you can read several articles and essays I have written and will continue to be writing. 

You are also cordially invited to visit my inspirational blog Crone-Wise, at http://crone-wise.blogspot.com/, and read my personally penned posts of prayers, prose and poesy on Nature, Faerie and Goddess there. There is also my dream blog, Dreams of Faerie, http://dreams-of-faerie.blogspot.com/, where I narrate my dreams as well. It is lovely to be here.

Brightly-spun blessings and wonder-woven joys to you all!

Pino: My feline faerie familiar, Pino Beans. 
She is little, little, peeny scenes!

Above Lady Emairelhd

Lady Emairelhd

Blessings everyone!

I am Lady Emairelhd; I'm 23, happily married, live in northern Alabama, and am an Outer Court member, as well as a First Degree student, Clergy Dedicant, and lifetime member of Witchschool. I work as an IT technician and go to school for Computer Network Engineering. My path is very green and natural, and I sometimes refer to myself as a Pagan Elementalist in theology. I have always felt very called to lead in the community, and I plan to begin holding a monthly circle after I graduate next year.

This is a picture of a small shrine that I made out of an old drawer turned on its side. It has a little divider in it that, when turned sideways made a small shelf perfect for crystals. I love to make mundane items into magical treasures! I like coming up with my own magikal or unique names for things, for example, I call all the "stuff" that we use or have as Wiccan/Pagan (like ritual tools, garb and decoration) "Paganpherbilia" which is a combo of Pagan, Paraphernalia, Memorabilia; which I think is a neat, descriptive name for all that stuff as a whole. 

I send my greetings and blessings to all who read these words! And I hope to one day meet everyone on this page! Blessed be to you all, sisters and brothers.

Above Rebecca Doolin

Rebecca Doolin

Hi, I am Rebecca Doolin. I live in Mulkeytown, Illinois and am a very proud First Degree Priestess of the Correllian Tradition well as a lifetime member of Witchschool.com
I plan to follow the path of Clergy in the Tradition and hopefully one day start a study group or Shrine in my area. I gladly offer various systems of Reiki for the Order of Reiki, and am Order Head for the Order of the Open Door, for all Correllians who need a support system for coming out of the Broom Closet. Healing, stones, energy work, and Reiki are my biggest joys next to being a Child of the Gods and being in this wonderful Tradition
I am married to a wonderful Buddhist husband and have a young son who is already very gifted with intuitive abilities and hope to help the Tradition start more children's programs and activities.

I am proud to be a member of a Tradition that adheres strictly to the Rede and focuses on the spirituality of life.
Blessed Be!

Rev. Iriseyes

Right: Rev. Iriseyes with Rev. Don Lewis at the St. Louis Pagan Picnic, Year 8 Aq.

Above Rev. Iriseyes with Lord Don

Rev. Airan Nightstar

Merry Meet,

I'm Rev. Airan Nightstar - Chief Priestess 
of the Star of Avalon Shrine in Sacramento, California. a Formal Distant Shrine of Our Lady of the Sylvan Woods Temple. I'm currently a Second Degree student and First Degree Clergy Member. I'm 37 yrs. old and married to my life's love for four years now. Aside from my studies, I'm a self employed Wiccan / Pagan Artist and full time Domestic Goddess.

Below: Rev. Airan's
Spiral Goddess oil candle

I feel strongly about the need of bringing together our Pagan community both on a local level and world wide, I also feel the importance of positive interaction with the community at large and look forward to Shrine outreach work in that area.

 I am so excited and proud to be a part of the Correllian Family and to have the opportunity to meet my Brothers and Sisters !!

Brightest Blessings and *Hugs*,

Rev. Airan Nightstar / Juls Reynolds

Above Rev. Airan's plaque of the Wiccan Rede.

Rev. Alyssa Maxon

Hi everyone, I'm Alyssa Maxon and I am a Second degree priestess currently residing in Groton Connecticut. I'm 22 years old and originally from New York state currently finishing up Massage Therapy School at the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy and i hope to be fully licensed by January 2009.

I'm the Chief Priestess of Spiral Light Witan Shrine of Groton CT and run a live Correllian study group called Loki's Asylum.

I live with my cat Rajah, and my two snakes, a ball python named Draxyl and a red tail boa named Lucari. I do various crafts including making wands and staffs, embroidery, stone carving, and soap making.

Thank you for reading and Blessed Be.

Above Rev. Rene' Friberg
Rev. Rene' Friberg, RMT

First Degree, Correllian Nativist Tradition

Reiki, Crystals, Faerie Oracle divination
Hoquiam, WA

Personal shrine: 
Shrine of the Open Hearth
Rev. Azriel

Greetings Everyone! My name is Rev Carrie Mille, however I am better known as Azriel. I am currently working on the 2nd degree. My plans are to complete the Second and Third Degrees, maintain my clergy status within the Tradition, and become a Mentor. I reside in beautiful Northern Arizona with my husband and 10 fur-babies. I look forward to getting to know everyone here better! 

Blessings in Light and Love, Rev Azriel

Chris and Me (Rev. Azriel)

Above Rev. Sheri Bundy

Rev Sheri Bundy (sylvermoonlight)

Merry Meet Everyone.  My name is Rev Sheri Bundy (Sylvermoonlight).  I am working on my 2nd degree and I am first degree clergy.  I plan to apply for 2nd degree clergy and go onto my third degree studies.  I run a small study group who celebrates the Sabbats and Full moons together, called the Silver Cauldron in my hometown.  I LOVE studying  and reading the tarot and collect tarot decks.  I also enjoy reading runes, collecting stones, and working on herbalism.  I am a working mother of two great teenagers, my son is 16 and my daughter is 14.  I live in a small town in southern Ohio called Sciotoville, right near the river.  I am looking forward to getting to know you all better!!
bright blessings,
Rev Sheri Bundy (sylvermoonlight)

Rev. Windy LaJoie HP

My name is Rev.Windy Lajoie HP

I live in Massachusetts a very small town called Spencer. I have three adult sons, none of which are into Paganism.

I am Guide of the World Wide Crystal Web

I have a personal shrine-Shrine of the Hooded Crone, where I teach three wonderful students in real-time.

I’m Head of The Order of Web Weavers which is still in it’s infancy.

In August 2006, I had the chance to visit Hoopeston,

I was there ten days.  I meet Lady Krystel who is such a lovely person.  I meet my favorite artist Lady Bitterwind, who made me the most unusual necklace, which is a one of a kind. It was so good to meet her since I own a lot of her artwork.

I met for the first time MaryAnn she is so much fun.

Above: Rev. Windy


 Above: Lady Bitterwind's art and the necklace she made specially for Lady Windy

I stayed with Lady Virginia we had a blast. Also meet Lady Reanna and many others. If you can ever make the trip, it is well worth it. The town itself is quaint with a drive thru package store which I have never seen before, I was astonished by it.

My initiation into the Third Degree was one of the most wonderful experiences I could ask for, besides the birth of my three sons. It was when Rev. Don initiated me into the Third Degree High Priesthood, along with others who I got to meet for the first time in New York.

The big Gray Elephant is such a unique place, always something going on. 

Well I will cut it off here, or Rev. Don will have to publish this as a novel.

Love and Magickal Blessings to you all!!
Lady Windy

Sherry M
 This is a photo of me and my son
 at the Corona Del Mar beach in southern California:

Silver Spiritwolf

Me with baby kangaroo...he was so awesome..

Silver Spiritwolf

To read Silver's work, click HERE


Vivien was the companion of Rev. Debbe Tompkins, HPS.  Vivien died in the early morning hours on October 15, 2006 due to an extremely low red blood cell count, otherwise known as anemia. 

The probable cause of the anemia was lymphoma cancer. 


Vivien will be cremated and placed in an urn that will reside on the family altar. 



Greetings Rev, Don
 First let me say that this is a wonderful idea. I thought I would send a short Bio of Myself so that my brothers and Sisters may know me and hence that I May know them. I have been Pagan as long as I can remember. In my teen yrs a actively began my quest to seek what is. 

My Name is Jim Cameron and in the craft I am know as Silverwolf. I wondered a long time until on day in early 2000 I heard about Rev. Don Lewis and Rev. Ed Hubbard, Witchschool and hence the Correllian Nativist Tradition. I felt I had come home as it were right away.

I began my 1st degree studies in about 2001 I think and in Nov 2002 a finished my 1st degree studies and became Correllian Nativist Tradition 1st degree clergy. I am at this time studying second degree. I am going what I can were I can for our beloved Tradition. I am married to a wonderful Lady and have 3 girls 14 yrs, 12 yrs and 7 yrs. I am 36 yrs old and live in a little town called Norwalk Wisconsin.
Rev. Silverwolf

To read Rev. Silverwolf's essays, click HERE

Above Rev. Miakoda
Rev. Miakoda

My name is Rev. Miakoda (Jamie Jobson).  I am a Third Degree student and a Second Degree Cleric.  I plan to apply for Clergy upon completion of my Third Degree studies and hope to someday open a Temple or Shrine of my own.  I live in a very small, very Christian community which makes it really hard at times.  I am currently the Club Guide at the Club of the Pantheons, and love to donate my time and knowledge whenever possible.  I also hope to become a mentor someday. 

I have been engaged for 6 years, in no rush to get married.  I have an 11 year old daughter, and a house full of pets.  9 cats, 3 dogs, 2 rats, a rabbit, 2 turtles, 19 assorted fish, and an iguana.  I work part time as a groomer/sales clerk at a pet store and am currently taking a business management college course. 

I look forward to meeting more Wiccans, and making new friends.    

Brightest Blessings,
Rev. Miakoda

Rev. Liz Hamilton

Above Rev. Liz Hamilton

Above Rev. Debbe Tompkins

I am the Joint Head of Heritage Temple located in Piqua , Ohio , however, I currently live in Belleville , Illinois .  I am the mother of an 18 year old daughter and 16 year old son.  I keep busy with Temple duties, being a 3rd Degree mentor and as editor of the Daily Spell.

Rev. Debbe Tompkins


One of my passions is anything to do with San Francisco .  I only lived there for two years as a teenager but fell completely in love with the city and try to visit as much as possible.  I plan to return there in the future.  Below is a collection of photographs I took while on vacation there a few years ago.


I also enjoy creating different photo effects.  Five of the photos were altered to appear as paintings.



Debbe Tompkins, HPS


Above: Tristan gazing at ocean 
-picture by Debbe Tompkins

Above: Japanese tea garden, 
Golden Gate Park, San Francisco 
-picture by Debbe Tompkins

Above: Coit Tower, San Francisco 
-picture by Debbe Tompkins

Above: Pacific Ocean 
-picture by Debbe Tompkins

Above: Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco 
-picture by Debbe Tompkins

Above: San Francisco Skyline
-picture by Debbe Tompkins

Above: Sea Gull 
-picture by Debbe Tompkins

Above: Lombard Street, San Francisco 
-picture by Debbe Tompkins

Above: San Francisco Cable Car
-picture by Debbe Tompkins


Above: Rev. Ollwynne

Rev. Ollwynne

I shall start with a picture of myself then go from there. This was taken in Sedona. A very special place to me. Thank You and Blessings!

Rev. Sashatiyinepu 


This is a picture of me from earlier this summer.  The essay is from my first college assignment.  The place I wrote about really does exist.  It's a park called White River Falls near Tygh Valley, Oregon.

To read Sashatiyinepu's Oregon Essay, click HERE

Above Rev. Sashatiyinepu

Above: Lotusmoondust

Tracy (Lotusmoondust)

Here are some particulars about myself...My name is Tracy (lotusmoondsut) and I am working on my third degree studies from Canada.  I love Reiki, crystals and colour magic.  I am a mother of two...one teenager who is at university and one six year old who keeps me young...
I am in Ontario Canada and am currently working on establishing a local shrine/temple/study group with those that are in my area.  I have been studying for about three years now and have enjoyed the journey my studies have taken me on. 

Tracy (Lotusmoondust)


Rev. Timothy E Pauley, Jr
(Ambrose Thorn)

Erika Pauley
(Tika Thorn)

      Alister Thorn       Raven Thorn  
The Pauley Family

MM to all, here is a little information about me and my family. 

I am Rev. Timothy E. Pauley, Jr. (Ambros Thorn). I’m a First Degree Priest and First Degree Mentor. Currently a Second Degree Student, will become a Second Degree Priest at the Lustration of the Living this Spring 07 Aquarius (2007). I’m also the Shrine Keeper of the Star of Avalon Shrine a Formal Distant Shrine of Our Lady of the Sylvan Woods Temple, Chartered on February 20th, 07 Aquarius (2007). 

I’m joined here by my wife and our two eldest boys. My wife Tika Thorn is a First Degree Student and will become a First Degree Priestess at  the Lustration of the Living this Spring 07 Aquarius (2007). 
She is also the Star of Avalon Shrine Co-Keeper. 

Our Eldest boy goes by Alister Thorn, 
at the age of 12 he is already in the process of becoming an Outer Court member and currently a First Degree student. 

Our next eldest boy goes by Raven Thorn, at the age of 9 he is already in the process of becoming an Outer Court Member and currently a First Degree student.

Bright Blessings and Hugs to all, From the Thorn Family of the Star of Avalon Shrine, To all of our Correllian Family


Rev. Nina J. Jankowski

I am Rev. Nina J. Jankowski from
Chicago, Illinois. I am deaf since birth. I am on disability due to illness. I work part time as a cashier at Target Store.  I am 1st degree clergy.  But I just finished with 2nd degree. I am planning to go on 3rd. Degree, I hope. I try to do, my best.

I love to learn about a bit of everything.  And I am working on it. And I have had experienced
about the spiritual contact and others things in my life when it comes and goes.  

I have a daughter. She understands about pagan and wiccan.
I am involved. I am just glad. She is Shoshone Indian and Scottish and a bit of others. She is descendant of Meriwether Lewis of Lewis and Clark Expedition. We found out that Meriwether Lewis was getting information about the herbs. And he was a FreeMason member. Just glad to know.

Rev. Nina Jankowski

Iris (Nina's daughter)