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The Crystal Web is an energetic construct created over the course of the last several decades. The Web uses buried crystals and other stones to form a giant network which can be used to facilitate Earth healing, spiritual attunement and communication, and to act as a battery offering additional energy to practitioners. 

The Crystal Web is especially used for attuning to cosmic phenomena of various sorts including the Harmonic Convergence, significant astrological alignments, eclipses, etc, in the belief that by attuning to these and moving in synch with them we can experience their effects in more beneficial ways.

Below are instructions on how to create your own Crystal Access Point for the Web.
How to Create a 
Crystal Web Access Point

For the ceremony you will need, A) a crystal, and B) a place to bury it. The crystal should be one which feels right to you. The burying spot may be anywhere you choose, but must actually be in the Earth. It is not necessary to have direct access to the buried crystal in order to use it for future workings, so feel free to use the backyard of an apartment or a  public place like a park.

Dig your hole before the attunement time so that this is done and ready.

Begin by casting a Circle. Since you will be out of doors and may not be burying your crystal in a private place, you may want it to be a very simple Circle: you can do it entirely in your head, imagining the Circle around you, then silently calling the Quarters and imagining Them as pillars of white light. You may invoke Goddess and God silently.

Of course if you are in a more private place, or are comfortable being observed casting a Circle, you may do the Circle as elaborately as you choose.

Make sure you have a watch or clock with you, so that you can tell when the moment of attunement comes.

At the moment of attunement, hold your crystal in both hands. Above the crystal imagine a three dimensional triangle of white light. Take a moment to imagine this fully. Then imagine the triangle spinning clockwise.

Become aware of your Heart Chakra. Imagine a ball of white light in the Heart Chakra and when this is clear in your head, imagine sending a beam of green light from the Heart Chakra into the spinning triangle.

As the green light enters the triangle, it will change its shape, becoming a cube (still spinning clockwise). Imagine this transformation fully. Fill the cube with green light from your Heart Chakra.

Once the spinning cube is filled with green light, the flow will reverse, and green light will return from the cube to your Heart. Imagine the green light filling your heart, then your chest, then your whole body -as well as the crystal held in your two hands. Let the crystal become full of this light, so that it is glowing with green light and shining out in all directions like a green Sun.

Now place the crystal into the hole you have prepared for it, and cover it over with earth.

Place both hands directly over the now-covered hole and focus white light down into the Earth and the buried crystal.

Now charge the crystal to link into the Crystal Web. This may be spoken aloud or done silently. You might say something like: "O crystal, I charge you to link into the Crystal Web, becoming one with its energies. Through you I gain access to the Web, which links my Correllian family."

Now imagine a beam of white light coming from the crystal and shooting off in one or another direction, underground -this is the crystal linking into the Web. You may or may not be able to see what direction the beam goes in -this is all right, it is not imperative that you know just now. This will not be the only time you will use the crystal and if you don't see exactly how it links in this time, you may next time. If you are good at visualization however, you may find that you see not only the link created by your own crystal, but perhaps the whole Web itself.
Now that your crystal is linked, you are finished and should take down your Circle, then clear and release.

If you cannot do the ceremony at the same time as everyone else, do it as close to that time as you are able. By doing this ceremony at the same moment around the world we are greatly magnifying the energy -however it is more important that you take part than that it be at the exact same moment. Remember, you must take part in this ceremony in order to take part in the Mars attunement on the 27th, because you will need to have prepared your crystal in advance to access the Crystal Web.

To use this crystal in the future, follow these steps:

Imagine the buried crystal within a cube of white light. Imagine the cube spinning clockwise.

Focus a beam of energy from your heart into the cube, and imagine it changing into a triangle, still spinning: the crystal will then be open and may be interacted with. When finished, allow the image to fade.

This can be done from a distance: you do not need to actually be at the site where the crystal is buried.

In working with the Crystal Web in the future you may create additional crystal access points like this one -it is perfectly appropriate to create many access points and use one or all to access the Crystal Web. The crystal constitutes your personal access point to the Crystal Web, but each crystal also serves to enlarge the Crystal Web and magnify the energy further -thus the more the better.

Feel free to email us and let us know the general location of your crystal, to help us continue to gage the growing size of the Crystal Web.