Correllian Tradition  Australia

Australia has one Witan Shrines

Shrine of Turas Witan Shrine
based in Springton, South Australia

We also have many Australian students
taking Correllian courses.  

Shrine of Turas, Witan Shrine
is Headed by Rev. Wendy Sherwood HP

Shrine of Turas Witan Shrine

The name TURAS means ‘journey’, ‘pilgrimage’ and ‘time’ refers especially  to the circular, spiraling prayer and meditation form used by people in the Celtic countries as they walked sunwise around a sacred site. The walking of this spiraling prayer is sunwise, left to right, clockwise in the Northern hemisphere

(Note- In the southern hemisphere, sacred motion is counterclockwise – tuathal). 

Rev. Wendy Kear HP
Head of Shrine of Turas, Witan Shrine

For more information on the
Shrine of Turas courses, Sabbats and Esbats
 please contact Lady Wendy

Turas Witan Shrine Sigil

The process of spiraling builds power, strengthens intention, and brings us into attunement with our souls thread.

Lady Wendy teaches
the 1st Degree of
 Correllian wicca classes in real time
for those without internet access

The Shrine of Turas also provides
Sabbat and Esbat Rituals for
Shrine members and
the local community