Rev. Anna Rowe
Herald of the Witan


Rev. Anna Rowe HP

Rev. Anna Rowe is a Correllian High Priestess, a member of the Council of Elders and Head of Sedna Temple in the United Kingdom, and also serves as Witan Herald for the Tradition as well as Head of Schooll for Witchschool  UK and Europe

Rev. Anna succeeded Rev. Tsitra Kent as Witan herald, who in turn succeeded Rev. Jason Mycroft Highcorrell. As Witan Herald Rev. Anna helps to co-ordinate communications and records for the Witan Council.

Rev. Anna has this to say about herself and her experience as a Correllian Priestess:

"I currently live in the county of Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom .  


"I live with my husband, my little cheeky cairn terrier Mysti and adorable cat, Starlight who frequently helps on the pc typing messages in her own unique way.   

Right: Rev. Anna Rowe in Witan Robes

"My family on both my mother and fatherís side originally came from France with the Huguenots. They were Protestants escaping from persecution by the French Catholics. So it was quite surprising that my family ended up as Catholic eventually.  They were originally weavers and cloth makers.  My mother was a staunch catholic but she died when I was six months old so I was brought up by my father and my grandparents till I was 5 when my father remarried.

Above: Rev. Dragonfly (Denmark), Rev. Terry Power (US), Harwe (Spain), Rev. Anna, and Rev. Karl
Socializing during the UK Intensive Rev. Anna sponsored.

Above: Rev. Anna with Rev. Nelly 
photographed during the Correllian
Lustration in Suffolk, UK.

"I discovered my father was really interested in Buddhism and would frequently sit with me explaining metaphysics.  I was about 12 years old when I was first introduced, by my father to such fascinating and wonderful concepts, and as the years went on and I got older he revealed more of the metaphysical world to me.   From a young age, although I was brought up a catholic, I knew deep in my mind that Catholicism wasn't really the way for me but I wasn't sure exactly what was.   I was fascinated by Buddhism, but that didn't quite sit properly with me either.

"The years went by, I married and had two wonderful sons who are now grown up.   I had been coasting along for years not quite knowing or having the time for myself.  Now my sons were grown I had the opportunity to devote a little time to myself.   This is when I bought my first pc in the April 1999.  Like so many others I was surfing the net, can't remember now why I was, but I came across the 'Daily Spell'.  Can you imagine!  I had found what I didn't realise I'd been seeking.

"It was announced in the emails that The Correllian Tradition was going to provide the Degree courses one lesson at a time by email starting with the 1st Degree in the following October.  I still have all the 1st Degree email printed out and in a binder, the very first one dated October 4th 1999. I have the 2nd Degree and the 3rd copied and stored in folders too.

Right: Lady Anna's Correllian Heraldic  sigil, the lotus arising from the waters, encircled by the Witan collar

"I was Self Initiated in November 2000, Rev. Don said I was the first of the Traditionís Initiate of the Wiccan New Year.    The following September I became a 1st Degree Mentor and Senior Mentor following on shortly after [thank you Fabrisia for 
asking me to apply]. I completed the 2nd Degree in December 2003 and 
was initiated, and became 2nd Degree Mentor in March 2004. I then went on achieve 
 3rd Degree Clergy status in 2006 with 3rd Degree Mentor status following on. 

Above: Group photo from the UK Intensive.

Back Row: Rev. Polgara (UK), Rev. Terry (US), Rev. Anna (UK), Rev. Jackie (UK), Rev Karl (UK)
Front Row: Rev. Dragonfly (Denmark),  Rev. Harwe (Spain), Rev. Cynthia (Poland),  Rev. Joanne (UK)

" As well as the Temple of Sedna I also run the Temple of Healing providing healing on a daily basis, the Temple of Isis - Correllian Iseum. I am the Head of several Orders including the Reiki, Bast, Sirius, Bards Spiritual Advisors. I run several yahoo groups including Correllian Wicca UK , Correllian Wicca EU,  Tarot group, poetry group, Correllian Support group , a yoga group
and a political discussion group  as well as my Witchschool study groups. I have been fortunate enough to have courses  accepted by Witchschool, one in particular on Isis, my Patron being Isis since I was about eleven years old.

Above: Sigil of the Office of the Witan Herald.
Lady Anna is the third Witan Herald.

Previous office holders have included Rev. J. M. Highcorrell and Rev. Tsitra Kent.

I am currently on the Witchschool Board of Directors and Head of School for Witchschool UK and Europe. "I am the manager for the WS7 study group,  as well as Mentoring for the ws1-1 group, my own 1st, 2nd and 3rd Degree Witchschool students and my Degree Temple students. I have several courses I run through my Temples including the 'Writing online Rituals' course, 'Goddess Sedna' course, 'Goddess Isis' course, and 'Rites of Passage' course, I am a also member of several of the Witchschool's clubs  but find I donít have enough time to participate as much as Iíd like..  I also train international Mentors.

Above: Rev. Mick Battley, Rev. Karl Ben-Jedi, Rev. Nehal "Nelly" Shah, Rev. Anna Rowe, and Gothi Freyatru (with axe), pose together at the Correllian Lustration in Suffolk, UK

"I applied for my own Shrine in 2004, the Temple of Sedna named for the Inuit Goddess of the sea and the new planet Sedna whose discovery was announced on my birthday 15th March. Sedna was Chartered and Deemed Temple at the 2005 Fall Lustration.  Through my Temples I hold a number of online rituals. Healing Rituals
through the Temple of Healing, Esbats through the  Temple of the Moon,  and Sabbats through the Eight Festivals Temple, monthly Isis rituals through the Temple of Isis, monthly memorial rituals through the Memorial Temple .  I also perform online Confirmation of Initiation Rituals and Confirmation of Outer Court Wiccaning Rituals.
  "I  provide an online service for the Wiccan community through the Living Stones Memorial Temple where anyone from any faith can add their loved ones to permanently honour their ancestors and recently deceased friends and family.  
Memorial rituals are also offered through this Temple as well as pet memorials and eternal flame memoriam".

 "I took over the job of Witan Herald in October 2005.  I hope to serve Witchschool and the Correllian Tradition as long as The Goddess will allow. "

Above: Lady Anna with Rev. Don